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Homer Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters since 1983

alaska halibutJoin me for a day or two on the water, halibut fishing or salmon fishing or both! An Alaskan Adventure, the trip of a lifetime… Whether it’s your first time to Alaska or you are a local Alaskan, let me show you my office . . the Barren Islands and the outer coast of the Gulf of Alaska. Let me show you the whales in midair! And let me help you catch a halibut, salmon or lingcod to be proud of.

New Attraction! Watch the fish as you catch them!
For the last 3 years, I've been doing underwater video on board the Mako with outstanding results. We watch first hand, on a Color TV screen, as halibut and rockfish swim around in their natural environment. People have described it as "a window to another world!", "an awesome learning tool", "just as I imagined it would be!", "totally different than I thought!"...  I can now make VHS tapes or DVDs of your fishing experience.

Watch the fish as you catch them!
Click HERE for our underwater video page

fishing alaskan halibut and salmonOne of the things that has kept me at the helm of the boat over the years, is that every day on the water here is different, a new adventure. The dramatic and changing weather, the incredibly beautiful scenery, the abundant wildlife, and the fish! We can’t forget the fish, that fight so hard and taste so good. A fish never tastes as good as when it is caught fresh and you have worked hard to catch it! We catch all kinds of fish, from colorful and delicious rockfish and lingcod to shiny silver and king salmon, the occasional octopus, and of course, Halibut . . lots of halibut and some really huge halibut!...

“Capt. Scott, Thanks for the best fishing memory of my life! Thanks for the patience and hard work. You’re the best captain.”
- Shawn Duffy, Holbrook, N.Y.

2 big halibutTraveling to and from the fishing grounds, we quite often see wildlife along the shoreline, such as black bear, mountain goat, sea lions, sea otters and if we’re lucky, whales…so bring your camera. Those of you who have been out with me before know that sometimes I have to be told - “Enough of whalewatching, Scott, let’s go fishing!” When the day is done, we hang the fish, weigh them in, take a lot of pictures, show off to the crowd and generally brag up a storm about our day’s fishing exploits. Filleting is included with the trip and is done while you watch by a master of the knife. Further help such as vacuum-packing, flash-freezing, storage and shipping are available close by at Coal Point Seafoods.

“Brilliant 2 days…whales, halibut, lots of laughs, good company, what more could you want…Cheers, Scott”
– Michael Johnson, Scotland

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